Why the Human Library?

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Why do we need Human Libraries?

Because living with difference is an unavoidable part of modern life and we need to find ways of engaging with difference that help us create positive outcomes as individuals and as groups.  


The Human Library provides a creative and practical strategy for doing this by making it possible for people to "read" a person, instead of a book.


Using this method of dialogue, the Human Library offers people the opportunity to meet other people that they don’t normally meet and to speak about topics that people often don’t get the chance to talk about.

By creating safe spaces for people to “read” another person (a Human Book), the Human Library engages people in a process of gaining greater understanding about human diversity and increasing respect for difference.



People who have read our Human Books tell us that the Human Library gives people...

a window on another world…

fun, laughter, knowledge, understanding and tolerance…


a wonderful insight into another person’s experiences and it gave me time to think about how I would respond in the future in a similar situation. It was eye-opening.


Perth Human Library's

Human Books

Lakelands Library Seniors Week

On 12 November, we ran a very successful Human Library for Seniors Week. Prior to this event, we trained a number of new volunteers to be Human Books and to join the Perth Human Library Community and Depot.

Perth Human Library runs Human Book Training Sessions once we have between five to ten suitable volunteers.


If you are interested in finding out more about what it means to volunteer as a Human Book, please contact us via the contact section on this website.


Similarly, if you are an organisation to which you belong would like to host a Human Library please contact Perth Human Library.


Perth Human Library co-ordinates and facilitates all things Human Library in WA, so to find out more contact us and see what is possible.