What is a Human Library?

"The Human Library gave me the opportunity to have a long conversation with people I would generally not meet or have the opportunity to discuss their points of view."

Just as we do in conventional libraries, people who visit a Human Library can choose a “book” from a range of titles and descriptions and they can “read” that “book” to find out about their chosen book’s topic.

​The big difference at a Human Library is that our “books” are people – Human Books - and the “reading” that happens in a Human Library is a conversation between a Reader and their Human Book. The wonderful thing about reading a Human Book is that the conversation goes exactly where the Reader wants it to go and this makes it possible for the Reader to learn about someone who is different and to talk about things they have always wanted to know but have not been able to ask.

Using this method of face-to-face dialogue, in a safe and inclusive environment, the Human Library makes it possible for people to talk about all sorts of things that we don’t get to talk to people about in our other day-to-day spaces.


Unlike our other daily spaces such as trains and buses, our workplace or classroom, or the local shopping centre, the Human Library offers an organised space with a set of simple rules that make it possible for people to ask anything they want without it being considered rude or offensive and to learn about other people and their lives in open, frank and respectful interactions. This helps people appreciate that to be human means to share things in common while also being different.

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Perth Human Library will be at:

The City of Belmont

3 December (12pm to 4pm)

Belmont Hub

213 Wright St, Cloverdale

Attend on the day or book here


Lakelands Library

3 December (10am to 12pm)

49 Banksiadale Gate, Lakelands

Attend and book on the day.

All Human Library events are organised by the Perth Human Library.

To find out more, please contact us.

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