The Human Library is a creative and practical method for helping people to understand and appreciate difference and diversity. It is a useful learning strategy that encourages and supports respect and assists in creating inclusive and cohesive cultures. As such, it demonstrates what it means for people to enjoy their rights as humans and how these rights require an atmosphere of reciprocity.


Greg Watson is the Contact Officer for the Human Library Organisation (Australia) and the Co-ordinator of the Human Library in Perth.

In addition to his role with the Human Library, Greg lecturers at Curtin University's Centre for Human Rights Education and in the School of Media, Creative Arts and Social Inquiry. He has an interdisciplinary teaching and research background that includes sociology, cultural studies, and human rights education, which compliment the service that the Human Library offers.

Please note that Friday is dedicated to dealing with administration and inquiries regarding the Human Library. While we do try to respond in a reasonable amount of time, it is not always possible to provide an immediate response on other days of the week.

Dr Greg Watson, PhD

Contact Officer

Human Library Australia

Co-ordinator and Facilitator

Perth Human Library


m:   0403 272 100

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