The Human Library is a creative and practical method for helping people to understand and appreciate difference and diversity. It is a useful learning strategy that encourages and supports the development of respectful, inclusive and cohesive cultures. Human Libraries help people, groups and communities to work to ensure that people enjoy their rights as humans as part of day-to-day life.


This site is dedicated to coordinating and facilitating the Human Library in Perth and Western Australia.

If you would like to know more about being involved in the Human Library in Perth or WA, please send an inquiry using the contact point provided below. Please provide a detailed explanation of the nature of your interest (to host an event or to become a Human Book) and include your location.


If you are in Australia but outside of WA, you must contact the central office of the Human Library. It is, however, our understanding that the HLO is not accepting new applications for the establishment of new Human Library Depots in Australia at present. 


Perth Human Library is run by a group of volunteers and, while we do try to respond in a reasonable amount of time, it is not possible to provide an immediate response. If your interest is not about an event in WA or Perth, we are unable to provide support or assistance.

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