"An insight into lives being lived with different challenges, successes and goals. Very rewarding!"

If what the Human Library tries to achieve has grabbed your attention and interest and you think you might like to find out more about being a Human Book, please read the following qualities and feel free to contact us and find out more.

Can you answer ‘yes’ to these questions? Are you…

Able to talk clearly about your life but not preach about it?

Willing to talk with a range of different people?

Reflective and mature in attitude?

A good listener and not too talkative?

Are you a Human Book?

Open to talking about the way people perceive you as different?

Able to answer questions honestly?

Able to respond appropriately to the way people use negative stereotypes?

Willing to help people learn about difference and diversity?

Willing to learn new things?

Confident to talk to people you don’t know?

Able to help people learn about what qualifies as respectful language when talking to other people?

At a point in life where speaking about painful memories or challenging experiences won't cause you harm?