Some of Our Human Books

"This Human Book is the highlight of today’s events. My time was definitely well spent and I have no regrets picking this amazing story. I can’t wait to go back home and share this story with everyone."

21st Century Man

'Intersectionality' is the concept of overlapping social identities and how it affects an individual's experience of marginalisation, for example, life presents challenges and disadvantages to those who are transgender, asexual or autistic, but what if you are all three? And what if you don't experience emotions to any great extent either? Standing outside the conventional confines of what it means to be human has given me a unique perspective on humanity, but it was a long road to self-discovery and self-actualisation.

Welcome to the club you never wanted to join

What is it like to be part of this “club” of parents who have children with a disability? How is life different to what you had planned? Ask me about some of the amazing experiences and people I have met whilst a member of this club for the past 30 years.

Dyslexic Learning

Kit Scott is a metaphoric dyslexic who feels like Alice in WONDERland as she sees & hears words within words. Kit loves learning but struggled at school, university & business as her dyslexic style of learning was not understood or supported. In adult hood Kit experienced breakdowns & her dyslexia became more challenging to manage. Come hear how Kit is overcoming dyslexic challenges whilst she is bridging gaps in Health, Education & Business for those of us who learn differently. (Kit)

Mermaids, mentors, maasai and me

A Paralympian, craft-o-holic, bookworm swims through life's ups and downs; dreaming, designing, developing and diversifying her views on advocacy, self esteem, and human rights. 'I can jump puddles' becomes 'climb every mountain' as a Victorian moves to Perth for love, honeymoons in Norway, and becomes a puppy mum with a fetish for sashiko, quilting and making home grown marmalade. (Kerrie)

Helping Hands: From Droids to Dogs

Today we all use technology a bit like the characters in Star Wars as they rely on their droids. For people like me who have a disability, this is an important part of life. As well as my tech, I have also been able to benefit from having a four legged companion to guide me astray. Have you ever wondered what that must be like? Talk with me and explore how technology and a Guide Dog lends a hand for someone who's blind.

A Spanner in the Works

The proof women can do it all! Feel uneasy about this statement? Come and read me. I'm nice and I can fix things. Feel like you can't do something in life because of your gender/background/social expectations? Come and read me. If I can do it, you can do it too! Anyway, my story is the journey of a female heavy diesel mechanic who while going through her apprenticeship gathered the strength to leave an abusive relationship. If you'd like to listen to a story about engines and empathy, I'm your woman.

Some of the members of the Perth Human Library at the end of another successful Human Library event which was held as part of TEDxPerth 2017.