"Likely the best interaction of my day with another person in the street. It was the most amazing experience ever; you learn so much. It was fantastic."

Organising a Human Library

If you are interested in providing a Human Library, or you would be interested in discussing how the Human Library could serve your local community, a group to which your belong, or your organisation, we would love to hear from you.

All Human Library events are run and maintained by local Human Libraries Depots which are licensed to act as the official representatives of the Human Library Organisation.


Our Human Library Depots enable us to maintain the integrity and authenticity of the Human Library and to deliver excellent Human Library events. 

Your local Human Library Depot is able to provide quality Human Library events to groups and organisations in a way that meets your particular requirements, including organisation and planning, training, facilitation and participant feedback.

Please visit the contact page to find your most appropriate point of contact.